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About Me


About Me – Emma Bancroft Maths Tutoring


Maths Tutoring

Emma Bancroft

You know your child is struggling in Maths and school or they have major Maths Exams coming up and the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, low confidence and a lack of focus is building.

As a parent this is all new to you, you don’t remember it be like this when you were at school and you don’t know where to start.


Let me help with that

I am Emma Bancroft and I love teaching Mathematics. After achieving Outstanding after Outstanding teaching Maths in schools and becoming Head of Department, I started Emma Bancroft Maths Tutoring so that I could reach out to even more students.

I love working with parents and students like you to show you that success in mathematics is possible and a skill for life.

My students achieve the very best and top grades when they work 1:1 with me at the Maths tutoring center based in Addlestone Surrey, where they can fully focus and develop their confidence within the subject.

If you feel ready for your child to boost their confidence and get on the road to success click here and send me a message.


My Story

Struggling in Maths (or any subject) is the pits, as a parent you may see your child lacking in focus, concentrating, not wanting to do homework or worse not even wanting to go to school.

I know exactly how your child is feeling and what they are going through, it isn’t just what you see on the surface, it is actually the deep frustration that gets into every cell and bone in the body that as parents we can’t see, but as a child we feel so very deeply. I remember so clearly how I so desperately wanted to do well and wanted to make my parents proud, but I just didn’t know how. Teachers didn’t have the answer and nor did my parents, I was put on the foundation paper and into the lower set, my self esteem dropped and I started to give up.

It wasn’t until after I left school did I realize I had to take control, no one else knew how to help. Something inside of me just knew that I could achieve and that feeling didn’t go away. It transpired I was actually awesome at Mathematics and should have been put into the higher paper and set. I aced my exams and cleared all the blocks that were holding me back. I had taken control of my own life!   I was never told or shown that I had actually achieved a lot, but the constant put down from teachers and bulling at school left me feeling unworthy and completely useless. I just wish someone would give me a chance, but they didn’t so I gave myself the chance and passed my GCSE exams, went to Uni and became an Outstanding teacher.

What I realized is that I could have actually achieved this in school and didn’t have to waste time after school sorting the mess out that the teachers couldn’t help me with (simply because they didn’t understand me), when I could have been getting on the my career.

I decided when I went into teaching that I did not want to see another child struggle and I know they don’t have to. Every child can achieve no matter what level they are or what is going on, I am proof of that.

Here’s what happened to 1 of my clients when they worked with me:

The school had predicted a level 1, a few months before the final exam I worked with the child and he left school on a level 5 (Top grade for his paper). This left the school speechless.

Teachers don’t always have the answer, its not their fault they haven’t had the training and maybe there not open to it.

I am so grateful in away for my struggle because without it I could not have helped thousands of students reach their full potential and see them get on with a career they truly love, without retaking.

When you see your child struggling in Maths or you think everything is ok and then in a parents evening you find it is not. You can feel left confused and not sure which way to turn.

I started Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching so that I can support you as a a parent and your child. Learning Maths does not have to be hard, complicated or overwhelming, it can actually be fun and straight forward.

If you would like to have a chat with me and find out how I can support you and your child click HERE