Child Protection - Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching
Mindfulness Tutoring takes safeguarding/child protection very seriously and has in place a number of safeguards and policies to ensure the highest possible standards
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Child Protection

Here at Mindfulness Tutoring we take child Safeguarding very seriously and therefore all our tutors are regularly trained.

Every Mindfulness Tutor adheres to clear and strict standards with regards to the safety of our students. Tutoring requires a great deal of trust from our parents and therefore every Mindfulness Tutor has the following:

  • An Enhanced CRB  Certificate before they are taken on as a Tutor.
  • Clear and suitable background checks.
  • Tutors must make sure that the doors of the room in which the lesson takes place are left open at all times.
  • Insist that when tutoring at a student’s home a responsible adult be on the premises whilst the lesson is taking place.
  • Tutors must not provide the student with any personal contact details outside of Mindfulness Tutoring (for example details of Facebook accounts or phone numbers) – contact details should be given to the parent/guardian only.
  • Regular training so that Tutors can abide by our clear Code of Conduct and the Child Protection Laws.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable for any reason during a lesson, you must report this to the Mindfulness Tutoring Child Safety Officer immediately so that you can be advised on the next steps to take. It is also advisable to discuss any concerns with the parent/guardian straight away.

Should you have any suspicions about the wellbeing of a child whom you are tutoring, you must report these immediately to the Mindfulness Tutoring Child Safety Officer so that he can advise you and take any necessary action.

Phone: 01932 843081