Are You And Your Child Committed To What You Want To Achieve? - Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching
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Are You And Your Child Committed To What You Want To Achieve?

Are You And Your Child Committed To What You Want To Achieve?

This month’s topic is about commitment, a topic that comes up time and time again and many people will inform you half headedly that they are fully committed. However, when asked to sit with the word and take time to connect to it, some, not all, will of course run away. It is one of our biggest fears in life.


Have you ever stopped and taken the time to ask yourself why? This is nothing to do with anyone else, it is to do with you, as an individual and the beliefs you hold in connection to the word. The way you interpreted commitment when it was taught to you as a young child is still down to you – hard to digest that one, I know – been there got the T-shirt!


Many people like to sing the song of nothing works; I myself am guilty of this one in the past. But ask yourself what would happen if everything worked? What would happen if everything was easy? What would happen then? When we are little our brain is programmed by those who bring us up and the way we interpret it, which is solely down to us. What happens is (unless you spot it early on) you start living the beliefs of someone else and you start living that life with those beliefs.


I remember asking a student once, many years ago, what would happen if everything worked easily. They informed me that it was impossible and too easy. The student had been programmed from a young age that to get where they wanted to, everything had to be difficult and a challenge, this is simply a belief many of us just keep believing. A thought is just something you keep thinking. Change the thought, change your life.


The biggest challenge that we all have and many of us are not aware of is, is that our ego keeps telling us things are not possible, (after all, the ego’s job is to protect), or after 2 hours of coaching, counselling, tutoring etc it isn’t working and we go somewhere else and suddenly realise we get it isn’t working and we move on again. As someone once put it, it is simply ground hog day. We will never get the results we are looking for unless we break the ego pattern.


We all have busy lives and want quick fixes. I have been training for the last 15 years and continue to do so, so that I can help students reach their full potential – no quick fix, an ongoing process that requires commitment. Unless you are prepared to FULLY commit to what you sign up to (whatever it is) you will never see the results you truly want, you will only get the same results and then complain nothing works.


So the bottom line is



Tutoring is a commitment where both parent and student need to be involved. To fully get your results and money’s worth you need to log in to your user area, read the reports, print them out, give them to your child (I know many parents already do this), check your lesson times, book extra lessons before exams and fully commitment without excuse to revision plans/timetables every week.

If you have the homework struggle and really really can’t commit to the revision plan then book extra lessons, help your child to achieve by committing fully.