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Workshops and Events





Monday 8th April – Wednesday 10th April (Foundation)

Monday 15th April – Wednesday 17th April (Higher)

(Unable to make these dates please contact us)

This intensive GCSE revision course provides:

  • An introduction to the energy body and Chakra system, when we understand the energy system we can understand what is going on within us and we can make better choices in life and in school.
  • Grounding and Chakra clearing, once cleared we can make head way with passing our exams and life.
  • An outstanding Maths Coach and qualified teacher who has achieved 100% GCSE Maths pass rate with all her students.
  • Revision techniques – how to get started and stick to it.
  • Confidence boosting and improving focus through our unique formula.
  • All 3 past papers will be covered in depth and any topics of weak areas are taught in full with exam style questions.
  • Working through and overcome any blocks to learning, so that success becomes easy and natural.
  • Skills and techniques to ensure full understanding of exam questions and how to answer them.
  • Personalised feedback on your child’s current performance and academic progress.
  • A supportive and encouraging learning environment which enhances your child’s confidence and self-belief.
  • A fully qualified and supportive teacher.

This course is suitable for:

  • Students in Year 11 who are sitting the GCSE in 2019
  • Parents and their children who are serious about achieving their GCSE and are open to clearing the limiting beliefs that hold your child back.


  • The course is located in Addlestone, Surrey.
  • Easy access by Car, Bus or Train

Parent Feedback:

“After the 3 Day workshop my son came
home full of confidence and very proud of his achievements, he went on to achieve a Level 9 in the Higher GCSE Maths paper. WOW! In just three days this is truly incredible, thank you. Susan Addlestone

To enrol:

  • To express an interest in this workshop and to reserve your child’s place on the GCSE course, please complete the contact us form by clicking the enrolment banner at the top or bottom of this page. Further information will then be sent to you.