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Customer Reviews


“I just wanted to pass on our thanks for all the lessons you have conducted with both my daughter and son over the last six months – they both talk about it as a very positive experience. It helped my daughter greatly as she prepared for her GCSEs, although unfortunately she did not get to sit them, it really gave her more confidence and fewer concerns about her Maths. In my son’s case it has helped his confidence in Maths greatly and the last 4 months of virtual lessons have really given him a focus when otherwise it would have been much more difficult to keep things going. He is now so much more positive when talking about Maths and this will stand him in good stead when he gets back to school. Enjoy the summer and I will look out for the Autumn Term email.”



Toby review

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Emma Bancroft tutoring. My son is being tutored for GCSE higher level maths and hopes to go on to A level. From our first connection with Emma she made everything easy and super-efficient. On our first meeting she was welcoming and quickly built rapport with ease. Her first priority is to establish the student’s learning style, and the level of knowledge. Lockdown for corona virus meant that tutoring sessions quickly had to switch to online- and this was done effortlessly with all the technology in place and the same degree of professionalism. The system works incredibly well and my son enjoys the tutoring and it has most definitely helped him to grasp mathematics topics which he struggled with and to explore further to give him a chance at A Level. I would recommend Emma to anyone looking for tutoring and only wish we had found her sooner!”

Elsa, Addlestone

“Emma has been great with Fi, I`m so pleased I have found her now in Year 10. Fi always comes out looking more confident and says how much more she is understanding certain topics that in class she is struggling with which is all I could hope for whilst working towards GCSE`s. I was surprised to see how quickly she understood who Fi was and what she needed and what she struggled with. We are very looking forward to working with Emma, her impact on Fi already is wonderful.”


Crystal, Chertsey


“Following the assessment my son loved the session and is keen to return to work with you again, which is great. I am encouraged by what you have written in the report as it suggests to me that you have a good understanding of who my son is and his capabilities.

Thank you. I feel he will gain confidence and progress nicely with your help.

My son will tell you himself tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know too, he got his results. The highest mark you can get! I was doing somersaults! He was also pleased.

I just can’t tell you how happy I am. We are absolutely overjoyed! Here is a boy who could not look up, hid from the World, told us he was dumb, never tried hard because “What’s the point?” , got the lowest marks in the class….and here he is doing his very best, get top marks and really caring about his results and doing well. He stands up tall, likes himself more and is teaching his (very able!) little brother Maths techniques. Love it! I am just so pleased because he is finally reaching his actual potential.

This change has solely come about since he started coming to you and I just wanted to share this great news with you and commend you for the work you have done with my son and the amazing transformation that is already occurring! Thank you so much.”

Clare, Addlestone

“My son seemed a bit quiet when I came to pick him up after the assessment so on the walk home I asked him if everything went ok and his reply was, “I’m upset because I had to leave”. I was floored but at the same time doing huge, internal, celebratory somersaults, so thank you so much!!!  A great, positive start.”

Louise, Addlestone


“Emma tutored my daughter in Maths. She was wonderful and I have nothing but admiration for her. Watching my daughter’s confidence grow has been fantastic, but also watching her ability and marks grow has been wonderful. I would and I have recommended Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching to my friends. It is worth every penny!”


Eleanor, Weybridge

“We are really delighted we found Mindfulness Tutoring for our son. He is really happy with his sessions. He is a bright boy who really benefits from the one to one help. We are so pleased we found Emma as she knew exactly what he needs. My son thinks the world of Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching and will miss the lessons!”


Bailey, Addlestone

“Our son doubted his ability with regards to the new GCSE Maths curriculum but with Emma’s help he was able to develop his aptitude and approach the exam with more confidence. I have been more than happy with the service we have received and have already recommended Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching to friends.”


Karen, Addlestone

“I’ve been happy with Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching from the beginning as I have seen my son, blossom and his confidence has grown. Emma is a very supportive and understanding tutor and my son has progressed so much under her guidance. I would definitely recommend Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching to my friends because of the positive experience we have had.”


Georgie, Addlestone

“Emma is an excellent tutor. She has supported my son’s strengths and wellbeing. I would recommend Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching to my friends.”


Susie, New Haw

“My daughter has been really positive about seeing Emma and I think has actually enjoyed the experience … to the degree that she has asked me if I can organise more help!”


Lenthall, East Molesey

“I chose Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching because both my children have previously had good experiences with tutors at Mindfulness. I am impressed with the level and depth of the lessons compared to what I expected. My son is happy with the way he is being taught. Emma is able to clarify problems and gives him the confidence to try. I would recommend you due to good teaching, proven results, being approachable and providing excellent information after each lesson.”


Osbourne, Addlestone

“We were recommended by a friend. The lessons are much better than we expected and the teaching methods are easy to understand. After just 2 hours of tuition I could see that my son was already growing in confidence with his Maths. I would recommend Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching to my friends. We are very happy with the service we have received. Thank you for your super tutoring.”


Morse, Addlestone

“My son achieved an A grade in his Maths GCSE after all of the support from Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching.”


Beaumont, Addlestone

“My son is a very happy young man at the moment as he achieved C grade in English (Foundation) and A grade in Maths (Higher). Overall he did very well! A very big thank you from us all – he couldn’t have done it without Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching.”


Ansel, Surrey

“My son got a B in Maths after working with Mindfulness Tutoring. Thank you for all your help in getting him there.”


Patterson, Chertsey

“The lessons were very helpful and better than I expected. I like the teaching methods and my son really likes the lessons. I would recommend Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching to my friends. It was very good for my son – it helped him a lot. Emma was very kind and knows what to do.”


Abbott, Weybridge

“Emma’s methods of teaching have been a great help with the understanding of Maths and my daughter has enjoyed her lessons. Emma is approachable, friendly, smart, knowledgeable and flexible.”


Dunn, Addlestone

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