One-To-One GCSE Maths Coaching - Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching
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One-To-One GCSE Maths Coaching

Empower your child with our tutoring
Thank you for getting my son through his GCSE Maths so successfully... we are all extremely delighted. My daughter has already asked to come to you for her GCSE Maths in a years time. You are a great teacher. - Osbourne

Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching has an outstanding track record of achieving confidence, focus and improved mathematics ability with all our students. We are experts in curriculum variation and the exam boards. So if you need a GCSE maths tutor click here:

How would your life change if your child boosted their confidence and grades in school?


  • A more confident, focused child
  • No more homework or exam revision strains
  • A happier, relaxed family life and closeness
  • No more stress, overwhelm or anxiety
  • More opportunities available for your child

Fears, limiting beliefs, negative input, frustration and anxiety are all achievement killers


  • They hold you back
  • They keep you small
  • They make school and life so much harder than it needs to be
  • They sabotage your success
  • They govern your behaviour

Imagine if your child could be so happy and achieve the results you and your child truly wanted, without someone else doing it for them


As both a student and teacher, I knew there was something missing in the school system and that is why so many students get left behind.

Mindful Maths makes perfect sense. It provides the missing part to the education system that enables ALL children to achieve; empowering them to achieve greatness in the classroom and in everyday life.

  • I empower your child to take charge of their own success
  • I help them to break free from repeated negative behaviour patterns
  • I give them the tools that work
  • I go through every topic in a clear and simple way
  • I give them the skills to ace those end of year exams
Couldn't be more delighted with the results. You've been instrumental in all this, I can't thank you enough. - Baker

Who is this for?

Parents and Children who want to achieve and seriously move forward and are:

  • Ready and willing to take full responsibility for making changes that need to happen to achieve the results you are looking for
  • Ready to be more than you are now
  • Ready to complete tasks and hit deadlines
  • Ready to take action and follow advice
  • Ready to grow, learn and transform
  • Ready to invest in yours and your child’s future, which enables you to grow and achieve

This is not for you if:

  • You don’t like change
  • Your looking for a quick fix
  • You blame others, situations or events
  • Your not willing to invest in your time and money
  • You want someone else to fix you or the situation
  • You have commitment issues

If you feel now is the time to give your child the power to achieve, we would love to hear from you.