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Is It Too Early To Prepare For GCSE Maths?

Is It Too Early To Prepare For GCSE Maths?

Many parents are unsure of when is the best time to start getting ready for the all important GCSE exams.

Every child is unique, therefore their needs and requirements are different. Some children can leave it to the last minute and take a gamble, flying through the final exam. Others require ongoing support, consistency and a qualified teacher by their side so they can build their confidence and succeed sooner.

Remember, a house needs foundations.

We all know what would happen without them. It is the same for GCSEs – whatever level, it still requires the groundwork.

Many students I work with start in year 9 and sail through in year 11. Some students start with me in year 4 and leave in year 11. It’s wonderful to see them grow through all those years, build a great connection and give them the tools they need to achieve.

My personal thought is that year 9 is a great starting point. 

However, that does vary from child to child – even sibling to sibling.

If your child is going into the GCSE years or has just started year 11, then now is the time to start thinking about those all important GCSE exams.

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