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Star Children

Star Children

Star children is an umbrella term for children with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia etc. You may have seen these children under the term Rainbow, Crystal or Indigo children.

I am not a huge fan of labelling people but hopefully this helps to explain it.

Star children can deal with serious issues such as not feeling that they belong, isolation, lots of energy and disconnection. It may not be obvious to a parent or teacher that these are the issues that need dealing with, especially when these children can display what we class as poor behaviour such as throwing tantrums, not wanting to go to school, not able to settle down and do homework and the list goes on.

As a Star child I fully understand where your child is coming from – school is an unnatural environment and being outdoors is more comfortable for us. Star children do require a lot of outdoor time, so they can breath and feel free.

It is the Star children that go on and do amazing things in the world that as a parent we may never have thought possible.

Have you ever had a teacher that has told you or is thinking that your child will never make it and they will fail their GCSE exams? I have seen it many times and I had students not that long ago who were told they were going to fail – with me I saw the talent and guess what…they flew through their exams. No child has to fail, children just need to be understood.

If you, as a parent, have any of these issues arise with your child and you tend to say….but that is just being a child….you may want to think again as it maybe that your child is trying to tell you something and you may not be fully aware. I know from my teaching days in school that many teachers were unaware and continue to be unaware and 9 times out of 10 you will find these are the teachers that set detentions and put students on report cards. Ever wondered why detentions and report cards never work and your child continues to have them?

How do you react when your child pushes those buttons?

Over this academic year we will be doing some weekend workshops for children and adults and this maybe an area you want to explore. So keep your eyes peeled on our Workshop and Events page. Please also join our Facebook group for more guidance and support.