The Coaching Process - Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching
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The Coaching Process

The Tutoring Process

Start-Rite Tutoring was Founded in 2011, and in 2017 changed its’ name to Mindfulness Tutoring. This change was necessary as it expressed more clearly what we offer and cover with all our students on a regular basis. We are widely regarded as the most professional and trustworthy private tuition centre in Surrey.

Mindfulness Tutoring was founded on the premise that the Mindfulness and the Tutoring is a powerful way to learn and make progress in the classroom and in everyday life. Our years of experience have shown that the Mindfulness way is a way that works and ensures EVERY child enjoys learning and can make progress in the school system.

1. Consultation

  • Before we can help a student, we spend time learning about the student’s and parent’s requirements. Most consultations are carried out over the phone or on Skype, although some are done in person at the Tutoring Centre in Addlestone. They are conducted by Emma Bancroft, our Mindfulness Tutoring Director.
  • Our student’s needs vary hugely, and therefore, Emma will be looking closely at your needs and requirements, this ensures each decision is informed by a successful match between the tutor and student. During the consultation, we make sure that the objectives of each tutoring placement is well established from the outset.
  • Mindfulness Tutoring has a comprehensive knowledge of the UK education system, and during the initial consultation, we often advise parents on how best to incorporate tutoring alongside the demands of school and home life. All our Mindfulness Tutors have undergone extensive training through our training program and are therefore fully up to date with the school system and the Mindfulness system we use.

2. Tutor Selection

We use the information gathered through the consultation to best match you with the most suitable tutor and take into account the tutor’s skills, strengths and your requirements. All our tutors undergo extensive training, reference and CRB checks before being able to teach your child. Therefore your ‘tutor hunt’ is now complete and you no longer have to continue searching.

3. Initial Assessment

Your first lesson will be an assessment. This is where we identify your learning style so we can tailor make every lesson we teach to suit your child’s learning needs. The assessment also looks at memory recall, brain processing skills, handwriting, reading and communication. From this information, we ensure you are on the correct package and programme so your child can enjoy learning and make progress.

4. Feedback and Lesson Reports

At the end of every lesson, we will give verbal feedback to the parent and student. If the parent is unavailable, you are welcome to book an appointment and receive your feedback over the phone at a time that suits you and the tutor. At the end of every lesson written feedback is also provided, you can receive this information by logging into your online user area.

5. Online user area

When you start with us you will be given an online user area where you will have access to all your accounts and lesson reports, this enables you as the parent to be fully involved with your child’s learning.

6. Mindfulness -A Powerful Learning Tool

Mindfulness is another term for being aware of what is happening within you and around you. When you take time to increase your awareness and you upgrade your knowledge and your skills and then implement it, you are expanding your choices. When you fully understand this, it gives you the ability to change from struggle and failure to success and achievement. Therefore, the Mindfulness formula is embedded into all our academic teachings, through our fully trained tutors who can deliver it. With the Mindfulness approach and the academic teachings success will happen automatically and failure never comes into it.