1 Day 1:1 Maths Tutoring - Emma Bancroft Maths Coaching
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1 Day 1:1 Maths Tutoring

1 Day 1:1 Maths Tutoring – £450


The 1 Day Maths Tutoring option is suitable for parents who feel their child would benefit from a whole day focused on their child.

Whats included in the day

  • A whole day with an experienced Teacher
  • How to enjoy Mathematics
  • Identifying the areas your child needs most support with
  • Clearing the blocks to learning
  • Boosting confidence and self esteem
  • Techniques to support your child with stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Written report at the end of the day
  • Syllabus and national curriculum covered
  • Exam papers and techniques
  • How to get full marks on every exam question
  • Maths questions and keywords explained clearly and easily
  • Homework support
  • In depth topics and techniques
  • Full support for the week after your 1 day session

What do parents think of the 1 Day Session

“My son came home very proud of his achievements and his confidence has certainly increased. It is certainly a great way to get a taster and to give your child a boost for exams”. 

Suzie Addlestone


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