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Unleashing Your Child’s Full Potential

Unleashing Your Child’s Full Potential

Ever wondered what Mindfulness Tutoring is and how it is different from schools, other tutors or tutoring centres?


Mindfulness Tutoring helps children aged between 5 – 16 years to believe they have the ability to achieve, by understanding what is blocking them to see how incredible they already are.


The mindfulness is the missing part to the education system; it is the reason why your child is struggling at school and needs tutoring in the first place.


The mindfulness part of the academic tutoring we provide is the part that looks at your child for who they really are and then we teach from there. We fully understand and are aware that no child can learn unless they are happy. So, what stops us being happy? Well, a number of things, and our weekend workshops go deeper into solving these issues, along with our 1:1 lessons.


It was while I was teaching in the classroom that I knew something huge was missing in our education system. I asked myself time and time again why there were so many students struggling and why I struggled like they continue to do so in school today. The other big question was why some classes were calm and others were unsettled.


What I realised as I started to uncover what was really going on, was that not only did I have to work on myself to be able to comprehend it all but the students struggles and behaviour was on a much deeper level. Therefore I fully understand why your child is having the struggles in the classroom and parents are tearing their hair out.


Since starting the tutoring centre, I have helped thousands of students and their families make enormous breakthroughs.


I believe that every child has the ability to achieve and every household has the ability to have a happy, fun loving home environment you all deserve. This is a result of a positive mindset and taking action.


To give you an example of the difference this can make…
Over the next few weeks, look closely at how you speak to each other and how you talk about people who may not be next to you. Do you say: “I loved Gemma’s shoes today” or do you say “Did you see Gemma’s shoes today? She must be rich to afford those” or something else negative? Can you tell just by reading this which statement feels better to you? If it feels good go with it. If it feels bad and brings up negative emotions for you, breathe deeply 3 times and move on.


Sadly, there are no quick fixes and it requires intentional work. After all, it took you a lifetime to deeply place negative thinking, trauma etc into your system. Although it took me 20 years to clear my unhappiness, it does not mean it will take you 20 years. Through some in-depth training, I now have the formula that unlocks your child, so they can be happy and achieve.


Why don’t they use this in school? Simply because they won’t think this far out of the box and have not been trained to do so. Although some schools are starting to use different tools it is a very slow process and the awareness in schools is very slow.


Over the next few weeks I will be sharing on our website and Facebook Page the techniques you can use to feel good, be happy and start achieving whatever you want. I’d love for you to share these with friends and family too!


Remember – You and your child are brilliant. You have got this, even if you just can’t feel it right now.


I am here to support you all. I’d like to invite you to have a free chat with me (with no obligation to buy tutoring lessons) at a time that suits you – simply click here to send me an email.